AYURVEDA – an ancient and holistic system of medicine which not only eliminates disease from its roots but heals your body, mind and soul…..Stresses on preventive treatment rather than curative .It not only increases resistance of body and brings harmony in life.

It is a complete system of medical science with highly equipped medical colleges all over India and equally advanced hospitals n treatment centers serving the society. As the society knows the positives and long lasting effects of this trusted system of medicine, so the demand of good Hospitals and educated professionals is on a high.


While selecting a career as an Ayurvedic Doctor one should clear entrance exam depending on the university (with PCB in 10+2) .It’s a 5 1/2 Yrs Bachelors Degree Course (including internship). Get career couselling from an expert in this field.

An Ayurvedic Doctor is equivalent to allopathic Doctor in professional status and gets equal opportunity for Government Jobs and private sector or can choose to serve society with private practice.

BAMS doctor not only has knowledge of various Diseases, their treatment with herbs and mineral based medicines which has no side effects…..also has a complete understanding of modern medicine with their pros n cons and modern diagnostics.

One can opt for private Practice or can pursue further studies (MD and PhD).

Students interested in research work can do so with various institutes and pharmaceutical companies. You can identify any skills gaps for this profession thru career assessments.

You can choose to make a career on academical front as a lecturer or Professors.

Career with drug manufacturing units is also very lucrative where not only medicines but also Ayurvedic Cosmetics are being made which has its own place in international market.

You can choose to work with Spas n other international wellness centres, resorts where number of international clientele is increasing day by day.

Students can also choose clinical research work with various pharmacy companies.

Option for private practice is always there  …one can start its own clinic with Panchkarma unit with therapies for arthritis, , obesity, sinusitis, , skin ailments, insomnia, high blood cholesterol ,high blood pressure and diabetes  and treating disease with yoga and  lifestyle counseling  informing people about what to eat and  avoid in various Diseases according to Ayurveda.

While choosing a career in Ayurveda you not only excels in knowledge of herbs, mineral based medicines, yoga but you also have a hold on treatment of diseases where modern or allopathic science fails. Due to increase in lifestyle Diseases having knowledge of this holistic science or science of life will give you an upper hand when compared with other medical professionals


About Dr. Kavita Gupta

Career Counselor and BAMS doctor

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